What I Learned from Warren and Charlie

I don't look like I belong at a Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting. And that bothers me. But that's exactly where I was last weekend, listening to two business icons dispense wisdom, some of it financial, all of it worthwhile advice in life. It happened on a whim: the week before, I was having dinner with a friend who mentioned he was headed to the annual shareholders meeting in Omaha, Nebraska. To his surprise, I immediately asked if I could go with him. He said yes. I bought a ticke ..

A Blessed Unrest

A friend and former colleague tweeted this out tonight. It's advice celebrated choreographer Agnes DeMille received from Martha Graham early on in the former's career. I think it's some of the best advice I've ever read because it applies to all of us. We all have special passions, big ideas and bold dreams. That's because we were chosen to bring those to life. So cheers to those dreams and keep working. Martha is right. If we don't listen, if we don't allow these dreams to pass thro ..

Are you a Mimic or a Master?

(http://www.dianaalvear.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/the-old-guitarist.jpg) The Old Guitarist, a favorite from Picasso's Blue Period. When I was studying abroad in Europe, I had the chance to visit a Picasso museum in Barcelona. I was awestruck...not by the familiar cubist paintings so readily associated with the artist. It was his early period that caught my attention, the years in which a young Pablo painstakingly learned and applied the traditional techniques of the masters. His fi ..

All that Matters is Action

In a recent conversation with fellow entrepreneurs, I found myself saying, "It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Don't read that. Just do it. Just act. You'll learn along the way." It surprised me that I said that, considering I was a connoisseur of the introspective self improvement stuff for a very long time. I was ever eager to read the latest book by the latest thinker about how I could make my life better, improve my self esteem and attract the right things into my l ..

Are you listening?

What is intuition? Intuition is the language the universe uses to speak to you. Too woo woo for you? I promise it's not. This post was inspired by a recent chat with a new coaching client. She's highly intuitive, often making what seem at the time rash decisions that end up being the most magical experiences. Take the story of how she met her true love. Restless in her existing relationship, she decided to call things off and do a yoga retreat in Costa Rica on a whim. That whim l ..

It is What it Is

It is what it is. People love reminding me how often I say this, but there's a reason for it. It's the best way to remember that knowing and accepting the reality of a situation is much more powerful than any amount of wishful thinking. Let me explain. Maybe there was a time in your life that you let envelopes containing bills pile up, unopened. Or that you tried to explain away why the person you liked wasn't calling or texting. Or you ignored the fact that once again, y ..

The Fastest Way to Change Your Life

Out of all the things I've ever done to make myself a better person, nothing has worked more magic than gratitude. Sounds simple but it is absolutely the most powerful way to improve your life. Like most lessons, I learned this one the hard way. I used to dwell on the things that I didn't like about my life. The money, house, nice car, relationship I didn't yet have. I was so used to noticing what was wrong, I didn't see what was right. The worst part is, when you fixate  ..

You'll Never Be Ready.

Last night, I had a tremendously helpful and uplifting conversation with a tribe of women I trust and revere. We discussed our ideas and our goals, what we wanted to create and to accomplish. And there was a theme, a thread running through each woman's discussion. I'm not ready. I'm not ready to tell the world how I really feel. I'm not ready to put my project out there. I'm not ready to commit 100% to my art. I'm not ready to start my business. To that, I say: wh ..

I Feel Fat: An Open Letter to the Women in my Life

What do you not do when you feel uncomfortable in your own body? What do you not do when you feel sad in your own skin? I bet it holds you back a lot. Maybe you don't speak up. Maybe you don't wear that dress. Maybe you are sure that people are looking at your chubby arms, or thick waist, or the pimple that sprouted just before your date. Maybe you worry that wrinkles and aging will render you invisible. I deal with this on a daily basis. I compare myself to others. I worry that  ..

Own It.

This weekend, I attended a pretty powerful conference called the Instigator Experience. 60 attendees with big ideas that I am certain will change the world, or at the very least, change some people who need their brilliance. And yet I was struck by how after meeting some of them and asking them about their bold idea, they'd lower their voices or say, "Well I kinda sorta have this idea..." or they'd say, "Umm I really want to do (idea) but..." and they'd list reasons w ..


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