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I’m Diana.


And I am committed to telling you the stories you want to hear.


You know, the ones about people changing the world in ways big and small.


That’s actually why I got into journalism. I wanted to change the world, or at least tell stories to get people to care about what was happening in the world.


I worked first as a local reporter and anchor, then as a network news correspondent at ABC and NBC, spending my final year at the Today Show. I was able to do many stories I was very proud of, fun stories, stories that I heard made an impact.  You can see a lot of that work here.


Other fun facts: I wrote and published my first book for kids called Sal Finds a Forever Home. I just hiked the Grand Canyon from top to bottom and back again. And I teach Muay Thai kickboxing to women.


But it always comes back to the story telling. With the intent of creating not an audience but an engaged community. One that believes that together we can create a better world.


Thank you for visiting. I hope we become friends.



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Want clear authentic branding and memorable messaging that captures the soul of your business?


Work with a journalist!


I work with clients to create authentic branding and messaging. We determine the heart of their business, their WHY, which then allows us to craft a branding strategy that makes sense for their audience. This strategy also allows us to create consistent content they can use for their blogs, social media and digital outreach.


I also coach clients to improve their on camera performance skills and work with them to create media strategies to help them publicize their business.


My passion for this work has resulted in my speaking on panels dealing with messaging, branding and storytelling in a digital media age and doing public on camera performance trainings at WeWork.












I don’t blog all the time but when I do, you’ll find my posts here. I blog about whatever’s on my mind, especially when I am challenged by something. Working out in writing helps, and then doing something scary by actually sharing it with the world is even better because it forces me to be brave.

What I Learned from Warren and Charlie

I don't look like I belong at a Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting. And that bothers me. But that's exactly where I was last weekend, listening to two business icons dispense wisdom, some of it financial, all of it worthwhile advice in life. It happened on a whim: the week before, I was having dinner with a friend who mentioned he was headed to the annual shareholders meeting in Omaha, Nebraska. To his surprise, I immediately asked if I could go with him. He said yes. I bought a ticke ..

A Blessed Unrest

A friend and former colleague tweeted this out tonight. It's advice celebrated choreographer Agnes DeMille received from Martha Graham early on in the former's career. I think it's some of the best advice I've ever read because it applies to all of us. We all have special passions, big ideas and bold dreams. That's because we were chosen to bring those to life. So cheers to those dreams and keep working. Martha is right. If we don't listen, if we don't allow these dreams to pass thro ..

Are you a Mimic or a Master?

( The Old Guitarist, a favorite from Picasso's Blue Period. When I was studying abroad in Europe, I had the chance to visit a Picasso museum in Barcelona. I was awestruck...not by the familiar cubist paintings so readily associated with the artist. It was his early period that caught my attention, the years in which a young Pablo painstakingly learned and applied the traditional techniques of the masters. His fi ..

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Books for Kids |  Sals Pals

I love writing for kids.


Probably because I am a big kid at heart.


I create characters I wish existed in real life. That’s how much I love them.


I’ve written a series about my late beloved shelter kitty Sal called Sal, Everybody’s Pal. I want to teach kids that adopting from shelters is the best way to find a forever friend and that all animals deserve love and respect: young, old, healthy and medically challenged.


The first story, Sal Finds a Forever Home, is available on Amazon.

pet stuff



I’m a proud mom to Wynnie, Charlotte and Pansito. They’re all rescues and they’ve all given me more than I can ever repay them. So obviously I am obsessed with pet stuff. High quality, eco-conscious pet products and food. I love animals so much I even wrote a book about my beloved late kitty Sal called Sal Finds a Forever Home. You can find it here. From time to time, I’ll feature my favorite products and test out some as well and let you know how it goes.


















Charlotte came to me as part of a bonded pair with Wynnie. They were rescued from their first home where they were going to be abandoned. This fluffy princess is older by 6 months and definitely behaves like the big sister. She can be found sitting on the balcony surveying her realm, or curled up next to Mommy impatiently waiting for neck and chin scratches. She’s gorgeous and she knows it!

Wynnie’s the baby of the group and lives up to the quirky calico stereotype. She loves to play and goes crazy for catnip. She’s also got Mommy trained well - she meows to get her to come running to the bathroom and turn on the faucet. Wynnie returns the favor by serving as Mommy’s bodyguard and doesn’t hesitate to set Pansito straight when he misbehaves.

Pansito is the only dog and only boy in the house. He’s a sweet senior Chiweenie-looking mutt who rarely barks and constantly wags. Pansito was rescued from the street in Bell, CA. While he’s usually a good boy who minds Mommy’s rules, occasionally he does what he wants, running out the door to get yet another walk in.


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